Sunday, 11 February 2018

Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant

The Ben & Anna natural deodorant is created by a couple living a cruelty free lifestyle. They created this brand as they were in search of a natural deodorant. It had to be vegan-friendly and not contain any of the harsh ingredients found in most deodorants these days, like aluminium.

Ben & Anna stock 6 different fragrances of the deodorant stick, they kindly sent me two samples to try. One for me and one sample for my fiance, I chose Nordic Timber fragrance and Lauren chose Indian Mandarine. 

I usually find natural deodorants quite dull, they don't have much of a scent and some just don't work. The Ben & Anna natural deodorants do have a nice, strong scent. So even if you go past the point of no return sweating, you still smell pretty good! I haven't road tested the deodorant on a harsh workout but to be honest with my level of fitness, I don't think anything would!

Overall, as a natural deodorant I can recommend them, They suit my day to day going to work and they smell great as well. The other thing I really like about them is that they also stock the deodorant in a paper tube, so for anyone trying to cut down their waste or any zero wasters they are ideal.

Have you used Ben & Anna Natural Deodorant before? I would love to know your thoughts! Comment Below


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Prints With Jamie Jones Illustrations

We moved into our current house in April last year and the front room was decorated to what I can only describe at 90’s floral. It was quite bold and head ache inducing, so we decided to paint all the walls white and give the room a fresher feel. Although it now looked much cleaner, the walls were bare and quite boring!

We decided to look for some prints, we were looking for black and white prints as we wanted to keep the room looking sharp. Another thing we decided on was that we were going to support independent artists who sell prints of their own work. I think sometimes we all tend to buy cheaper prints from large retail outlets and forget about the artists that put the time and effort into their creations.

I was very kindly sent some prints from Jamie Jones Illustrations, he has a nice range of prints which include 6 pieces from his final A-Level collection. He sent me 2 prints from his collection, Kos Harbour with Yachts and Orange Botanical (Citrus reticulata). The great thing about the prints on Jamie’s store, is that they available in various card stock, so you can choose what stock fits with the room you are looking at buying prints for. Not only that they are also really affordable, probably cheaper than buying something mass printed.

I love the prints as they take me back to when I completed my A-Levels, whilst the rest of my class were using media like oil paint/pastels I always opted for a set of fine liners and a good old biro. The detail you can achieve with this media is stunning, you can create clean lines and great shading using dot work by stippling.

It might sound crazy but we are now possibly moving again, I will definitely have Jamie Jones Illustrations in mind when we are looking to get hold of some more prints. You can get your hands on Jamie’s prints and check out his other works on his Etsy Store, you can also use the code DANB20 to get 20% off your order. 


Monday, 11 December 2017

Tattoo Care With Eco Cosmetics

I am quite lazy when it comes to my tattoos. When I have any work done I take care of it really well and they always heal quickly. However, after the healing process I neglect them quite a bit. I don't moisturise them never mind using an SPF. I think half of the problem is that they just become a part of you, I wouldn't say I forget about them but I definitely don't think about moisturising them.

I have seen quite a lot of tattoo care ranges, however I am always a bit dubious about buying them. When you look at the ingredients they are usually just a tube of chemical gunk, so I am always put off buying them.

Eco-Cosmetics recently approached me after talking about some of my tattoos, in particular my sleeve. Based on wildlife in the UK, it's made up of a fox, hare, badger and a stag. The work was completed by artist Manu Racoon done in his neo-traditional style. Anyway, back to Eco-Cosmetics, they kindly sent me their tattoo care range. There are three products in the range, Eco SPF Sun Lotion, Eco Body Lotion and an Eco Shower Gel.

Out of the three products the Eco Tattoo Body Lotion is the one appealed to me the most. During the winter I find my skin a bit dryer than normal. It is a light cream and soaks into the skin well, which is one of the more important factors for me. I hate putting clothing over layer of moisturiser that hasn't yet soaked in.

The Eco Tattoo Shower Gel contains Noni and Pomegranate, which is gentle on the skin and helps care for your tattoo. I have been using it non stop since receiving it and it's a nice product.

The Eco Tattoo Sun Lotion SPF 30 is probably one I will use the least at the minute due to the winter months. It provides high protection for your skin and is water resistant. As well as protecting yourself it is also coral reef friendly, so when you go for a swim at the beach it doesn't kill off anything in the sea with nasty chemicals. It is quite a thick lotion and slightly fades your tattoo until fully soaked in, however this is a product to protect your tattoo not make it vibrant.

These products felt great on the skin and in no way felt harsh. They left the skin feeling and looking healthy. A good range of products for those looking to protect tattooed skin and keep it looking great.

Have you got any tips on tattoo care? I would love to hear them, comment below!


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Make Or Break An Outfit With BodyBranded.Com

You can spend hours putting together the perfect outfit, it could be for a night out, job interview or even for a casual Sunday shop. It would be choosing a top, something that goes for the bottom and maybe footwear and accessories. Many people forget about one garment that can make or break an outfit, I am talking about socks.

It sounds really trivial and I bet many people will read up to this point thinking, how can socks break an outfit? I see people at work wearing a nice three piece suit and a nice pair of shoes, but then they've got white sports socks on! Swap the sports socks for a nice smart pair of patterned or coloured socks and make the outfit.

The team at BodyBranded.Com kindly sent me some Ben Sherman socks to put to the test. I have bought Ben Sherman boxer shorts in the past but never socks. I always buy the huge multi-packs from the cheaper shops. After trying out these socks out for a few days I wont be going back to the cheap ones. They are really soft and breathable which makes them super comfortable, not only that they look great too. The muted grey socks look great with a smart outfit and the more colourful ones brighten up anything casual. But that's not to say you cant choose a bold sock to pair with a suit, in some occasions it can work.

Is there anything else that's isn't a major about an outfit that you think can make or break it? I would love to know! Leave a comment below.