Sunday, 5 November 2017

Gaming Night With Hofmeister Beer

After a long week at work some down time is always nice. Whether it comes in the form of a bubble bath :D or a gaming night (where you openly talk rubbish with your mates and poorly attempt to save the world from a pandemic), it's a great start to the weekend.

I haven't gamed much since Jacob was born, but now that our little man is in a good routine I have really got back into it. I have met some great friends through blogging, who have an interest in gaming and we have started streaming on a weekly basis or when we can. We always have a laugh and drink some beers. Shout out to my brothers in arms Carl (A Bloke's Eye View), Alfie (Alfie B Smith) and Mark (The Honest Father).

The team over at Hofmeister were kind enough to send us all some beers, glasses and merch. Hofmeister dissapeared for a while but recently came back rebranded in 2016. Impressively, it then went on to win the best lager award at the IWSC in 2017.

I usually stay away from lager as more often than not I don't like the taste and find it far too carbonated. I usually stick to pale ales with the odd sour here and there. Since discovering real ales I have become abit of a drinks snob. However, Hofmeister is gently carbonated, so it's not full of air and it has a great fresh citrus taste. I could easily drink this all night and is definitely a drink I'll be getting in again. Thanks Hofmeister!

Have you tried Hofmeister? I would love to know your thoughts, Comment Below!


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