Thursday, 23 November 2017

Make Or Break An Outfit With BodyBranded.Com

You can spend hours putting together the perfect outfit, it could be for a night out, job interview or even for a casual Sunday shop. It would be choosing a top, something that goes for the bottom and maybe footwear and accessories. Many people forget about one garment that can make or break an outfit, I am talking about socks.

It sounds really trivial and I bet many people will read up to this point thinking, how can socks break an outfit? I see people at work wearing a nice three piece suit and a nice pair of shoes, but then they've got white sports socks on! Swap the sports socks for a nice smart pair of patterned or coloured socks and make the outfit.

The team at BodyBranded.Com kindly sent me some Ben Sherman socks to put to the test. I have bought Ben Sherman boxer shorts in the past but never socks. I always buy the huge multi-packs from the cheaper shops. After trying out these socks out for a few days I wont be going back to the cheap ones. They are really soft and breathable which makes them super comfortable, not only that they look great too. The muted grey socks look great with a smart outfit and the more colourful ones brighten up anything casual. But that's not to say you cant choose a bold sock to pair with a suit, in some occasions it can work.

Is there anything else that's isn't a major about an outfit that you think can make or break it? I would love to know! Leave a comment below. 


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