Friday, 2 March 2018

The Start Of A New Me

Growing up I never really cared about my teeth, to be honest I am surprised I still have them! The amount of sugar in an 80’s/90’s kids diet growing up was insane. I hated going to the dentist and often removed the entry “Dan’s dental appointment” off the family calendar in the kitchen. I think a lot of this stems from having to have dental surgery twice when I was younger, apparently I had too many teeth? It was that bad I even broke my removable brace on purpose as I hated wearing it.

I grew up with wonky teeth and the older I have got, the more self-conscious I have got. Teeth are one of the first things I notice in a person; I think a nice set of gnashes makes you look younger and well kept. 

As I am going to be 22 (give or take 10 years) this year I decided its time to sort myself out, I have been moaning about how unhappy I am with my weight and on top of that how unhappy I am about my teeth (So technically my whole body image).

I was visiting the Corn Exchange in Leeds as my partner wanted to get some piercings at Reds, I went for a walk whilst I was waiting for her and stumbled upon Benz and Blanc. They had this poster outside which mentioned clear braces at the fraction of a cost I have been quoted from my dentist! I am not going to lie, I wouldn’t normally go into a shop like this on a whim but I thought sod it I need to get my teeth sorted, so I went in.
I went straight to the desk and had what I can only describe as a mini consultation. They took me through what the process entails and showed me some before and afters. I was quite impressed and the one thing I really loved about it is that even after I had just spent the best part for 20 minutes taking me through everything, they just said if you want to book in just give us a call. There was no pressure, so I could have gone home and thought about it, I just booked straight it to get the ball rolling!

I returned a week later and Paul took my impressions for the braces, photographed my teeth for a before shot and then I was on my way. Around a week or so later after the appointment I received an email with a short clip on how the brace will align my teeth and just had to confirm that I was happy with the treatment. It was really quick and I all I have to do now is wait for my braces to be delivered from Your Smile Direct.

I really can’t wait to get started with the clear braces and feeling comfortable with my smile. I will be sure to keep you updated and show you the before and after when the treatments ends in around 6 months’ time. 


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant

The Ben & Anna natural deodorant is created by a couple living a cruelty free lifestyle. They created this brand as they were in search of a natural deodorant. It had to be vegan-friendly and not contain any of the harsh ingredients found in most deodorants these days, like aluminium.

Ben & Anna stock 6 different fragrances of the deodorant stick, they kindly sent me two samples to try. One for me and one sample for my fiance, I chose Nordic Timber fragrance and Lauren chose Indian Mandarine. 

I usually find natural deodorants quite dull, they don't have much of a scent and some just don't work. The Ben & Anna natural deodorants do have a nice, strong scent. So even if you go past the point of no return sweating, you still smell pretty good! I haven't road tested the deodorant on a harsh workout but to be honest with my level of fitness, I don't think anything would!

Overall, as a natural deodorant I can recommend them, They suit my day to day going to work and they smell great as well. The other thing I really like about them is that they also stock the deodorant in a paper tube, so for anyone trying to cut down their waste or any zero wasters they are ideal.

Have you used Ben & Anna Natural Deodorant before? I would love to know your thoughts! Comment Below


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Prints With Jamie Jones Illustrations

We moved into our current house in April last year and the front room was decorated to what I can only describe at 90’s floral. It was quite bold and head ache inducing, so we decided to paint all the walls white and give the room a fresher feel. Although it now looked much cleaner, the walls were bare and quite boring!

We decided to look for some prints, we were looking for black and white prints as we wanted to keep the room looking sharp. Another thing we decided on was that we were going to support independent artists who sell prints of their own work. I think sometimes we all tend to buy cheaper prints from large retail outlets and forget about the artists that put the time and effort into their creations.

I was very kindly sent some prints from Jamie Jones Illustrations, he has a nice range of prints which include 6 pieces from his final A-Level collection. He sent me 2 prints from his collection, Kos Harbour with Yachts and Orange Botanical (Citrus reticulata). The great thing about the prints on Jamie’s store, is that they available in various card stock, so you can choose what stock fits with the room you are looking at buying prints for. Not only that they are also really affordable, probably cheaper than buying something mass printed.

I love the prints as they take me back to when I completed my A-Levels, whilst the rest of my class were using media like oil paint/pastels I always opted for a set of fine liners and a good old biro. The detail you can achieve with this media is stunning, you can create clean lines and great shading using dot work by stippling.

It might sound crazy but we are now possibly moving again, I will definitely have Jamie Jones Illustrations in mind when we are looking to get hold of some more prints. You can get your hands on Jamie’s prints and check out his other works on his Etsy Store, you can also use the code DANB20 to get 20% off your order.